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How Can Occupational Therapy Help My Child

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Occupational theory in simple words, is the engagement in activities of daily life such as self-care skills and movement tasks, to aid the recuperation, from physical and mental illness. In this therapy, we engage the subjects, to carry out daily routine tasks to boost their self-esteem and confidence, to help them overcome any limitations, in physical and mental functioning.


Children who are slow learners or were born with any kind of physical and mental limitation, should be given occupational therapeutic sessions, to boost their self-esteem and to overcome the limitations, by consistent practice and help.


Occupational therapy helps the children, who lack behind in physical and mental well-being and struggle in carrying out daily routine tasks such as brushing, combing, and eating. It helps them to overcome the difficulties faced, while carrying out the daily tasks, individually, and makes them capable and independent. This therapy helps them to develop the self-help activities, gradually.


Occupational therapy helps the children with sensory processing issues. If your child has a problem in synthesizing the information in the five basic senses, that is the smell, sight, touch hear and taste, this therapy will help your child to address the sensing issues in a proper manner, and to overcome the over-sensitivity and under-sensitivity, that he experiences at school and at home. Moreover, these senses are necessary to engage and interact with people. Your child might feel vulnerable and under-confident, due to the lack of the basic senses. This therapy will help him to practice new ways to meet and interact with people, despite his inability, which will readily boost up his self-esteem and confidence.


Fine motor skills are small movements, such as moving a finger or picking up a plate. If your child suffers from this difficulty, occupational therapy will help him to work on his motor skills, so that he can grasp or release stuff and will develop the practice to do every task independently, regardless of his inability. This therapy will also improve your child's handwriting and reading skills. Occupational therapists use eye-hand coordination to improve the skills required at home and school to survive, without someone's help. If your child is unable to maintain balance, while walking due to physical limitation, this therapy will help him to develop certain practices to walk, without being clumsy.


Many children have behavioral disorders because their minds did not develop enough, to interpret the surroundings and the environment around them. Occupational therapists help the children to control their behavior, physically and mentally. It also deals with the children, who have anxiety and stress disorders. It will help the children, having anger management issues and encourage them to maintain a positive behavior in all environments, instead of losing control. Occupational therapists help the children to develop social skills and help them to socialize, in a friendly manner, at home and at the school.


Occupational therapists do not only help in aiding the children with mental and physical inabilities, they also evaluate every child individually, to detect the need of any specialized equipment such as the wheelchair, communication device or splint.


Occupational therapy will not only boost up your child's confidence and self-esteem, but it will also help him to carry out the daily routine tasks, independently and encourage him to socialize in a friendly manner. Occupational therapy is important for the growth and development of your child, who faces any physical or mental inability, by birth or due to an accident.


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