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Difference Between Manual & Occupational Physical Therapy

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

There are two types of therapies mainly introduced for the betterment of workers and employees working at a workspace that are OT and PT. OT stands for occupational therapy while PT stands for Physical Therapy.

Now, as both therapies are introduced to help in better work at the office so people often get confused about the main difference and effectiveness between both. Let’s discuss both the things together:

In occupational therapy, the person treated completely as whole regardless of any injury or accident that caused problem in their cognitive or motor skills. Cognitive skills relate to brain and memory and the problems in them make it very difficult to memorize the things and stuff. On the other hand, motor skills are related to body movement while problem in them makes it difficult for sensory organs to make connection between each other.

Physical Therapy:

In physical therapy, patients are tested for their actual injuries by using a machine named as bio mechanical. In this therapy, physical impairments in a patient are addressed and their bones, joints, and motor functions are tried to keep in order. This all is also to lessen the pain the patient’s body on certain areas and places. In this therapy massage on certain areas is done and exercise is performed to increase the physical movement of the patient's body.

Main Difference between Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy:

If we look at the main difference between Occupational and Physical Therapies, the latter one is less competitive than the previous one because it only addresses physical issues of a body. Occupational therapy is better than others because it addresses physical and mental both sorts of issues.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy:

Here are major points that will help you to find the best benefits of the physical and occupational therapies:

· These not only prevent injuries but also educate people about various ways of avoiding problems to develop in worst injuries.

· These also tell people how to heal the wounds and injuries faster and quickly.

· Both therapies are the best assistance in making people doing their daily activities more efficiently and quickly.

· Both are important to help in physical and mental health.

Which One Should Be Preferred Between Both?

Well, according to professionals and experts, occupational therapy is better than other therapies used to make a better connection between conscious and physique. Occupational therapy serves in two ways; it helps the body to function better and addresses its aching issues. Moreover, it also helps the brain to function better by increasing its ability to think. It increases its motor functions as well due to which body and brain make a better connection with each other. Therefore, occupational therapy is best when it comes to comparing them both.


So, this is all about occupational therapy and hopefully, the information has helped you to make the difference between both and find the best solution for your problem. Good thing is, one can avail these therapies by using medical funds allotted by the company.


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