Occupational Therapy

Unlike most other physical therapy techniques, Occupational Therapy is a form of therapy that encourages rehabilitation through everyday activities. Upper extremity pain can make daily tasks impossible, causing many people to stop their daily activities to address the situation. Occupational Therapy will allow you to include your regular schedule with the exercises that decrease the pain.

Below you will find the injuries or discomforts that occupational therapy can address:


Dislocations – This can happen if the joint has enough pressure on it to push and force the bone to the point where it is dislocated. 

Arthritis – The inflammation in one or many joints of one’s body. Common symptoms include stiffness, pain, and swelling in the affected joints. 

Carpal Tunnel – Women are three times more likely than men to develop this condition that occurs when the median nerve becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. Ordinarily, individuals will feel pain, numbness, or weakness radiating in the arm. Occupational therapy would include educating the patient on preventative care options, symptom management, and other ways to avoid surgery.

Radial Nerve Damage – This sort of nerve damage usually occurs by one breaking bones in their arm, prolonged pressure in the area, or injury. If you have a damaged radial nerve, it may be difficult to straighten your arm from the elbow. This also may result in strange sensations in one or both of the hands.

Fractures – This can occur by overuse, too much stress, the trauma of the muscles or Osteoporosis. A fracture can be partially fractured or the whole bone can have a fracture. With our help, we can reduce the pain with the use of therapy to hopefully return your body to full strength. 

Sprains – These usually occur when a ligament is twisted and can cause discomfort as well as swelling or pain. The most common type of sprains occurs in one’s back or hamstring.​

Tendinitis – This occurs when one’s tendons are inflamed usually in the heel, knee, wrist, or shoulder. Usually, repetitive motion causes this type of inflammation. This condition is due to the inflammation of tendons, and it is widely found in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and heel. Repetitive motion can cause tendinitis.

Tendon Injuries – This type of injury can occur near the joints in people’s knees, elbows, and shoulders. It might feel like it suddenly occurred, but it usually builds over tie with very tiny tears in the tendon.

Crush Injuries – These types of injuries are defined by the compression/crushing of a body part that will leave on with bleeding, bruising or worse. We can help with your pain management.

Cumulative Trauma Disorders – This occurs when there is a lot of use and this results in tears of the tendon or muscles.

Amputations – This is the surgical removal of a body part that needed to be removed, and we can help those in need with our specialized therapy to help you navigate through everyday life.

Trigger Finger – This is a type of tendonitis in the finger where the finger will click or lock into a position. 

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